Like a muscle, your brain needs to take a break every now and then. Our fast-paced lifestyles and addiction to technology is stressing us out and making it harder to concentrate and feel satisfied.

In this information-saturated age, it can be overwhelming to deal with so much coming at you all at once. From sound and light therapy to hydrotherapy and meditation classes, here are some of the best spa treatments to relax your mind (and body):

Anti-stress massages

Massages are known for relaxing the body, but it has countless benefits on the mind too. It reduces anxiety, lowers stress levels, and improves your mood. Aromatherapy, therapeutic, and specialised anti-stress massages will help you recharge, relax, rejuvenate, and turn your everyday worries into distant memories.  

With the combination of music and oils, massage therapists will help you focus on quieting your mind and relaxing your body by breathing slowly and deeply. Unlike massages aimed to treat aches and pains, relaxation massages consist of kneading techniques and passive stretches of muscles in the neck and back, as well as gliding strokes on the legs and arms.

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The use of water for therapy has been around for thousands of years, as far back as the Ancient Greeks and Romans. The body’s reaction to the hot and cold stimuli, the pressure, and the sensation of the water will relax muscles and re-energise the mind.

The cold water will stimulate and invigorate the body, while the warm water will calm and soothe. Many hotels and spas in Spain have hydrotherapy suites, including jacuzzis, Turkish baths, cold jet showers, saunas, and invigorating pools with thermal water circuits.

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Meditation will help you with mindfulness – a technique that will help you tune out everyday noise and help you focus on the present moment. Mindfulness training has become more popular than ever in the last decade as a strategy to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Some hotels and resorts in Spain offer meditation and yoga sessions. Most sessions focus on quieting the mind to in order to release negative thoughts and worries and improve your overall sense of wellbeing.

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Sleep therapy

Good quality sleep is one of the most important aspects for achieving a healthy life. Lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems, stress, fatigue, as well as affect your general decision-making and memory. If you’re having trouble sleeping, consider sleep therapy. You could go to a wellness clinic, or to a spa for therapeutic massages or private meditation techniques. Certain spas will develop a programme for you, including nutrition, exercise, and well-being.

Sound and music therapy

You may be wondering how sound can affect your mind, but think about how a relaxing song or listening to the sound of waves crashing can make you feel. The human body is basically a vibrational frequency entity. By relaxing and slowing down your breathing, you prepare yourself to become the receiver of sound. By accepting ‘good vibrations’, you can ‘tune up’ damaged cells. This process can help you improve intuition and mental alertness.

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