A weekend spa break would surely be incomplete without at least one incredible, relaxing energy-shifting massage treatment. With a wide range of massage treatments available, you really get to choose one that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Do you need a treatment that is geared for reducing stress? Or perhaps you need a pick me up? Or do you need your aching muscles soothed? Whatever it is, you are sure to find the right treatment for your body. If your weekend spa break destination isn’t too far, and your arrival time allows for it, perhaps even book a treatment as you arrive to set the tone for the rest of the weekend. If you are still 'umming' and 'ahhing', here are the reasons why a massage is always a good idea:

The benefits of massage

Different types of massages will have different benefits – as we already mentioned, some are geared towards stress release, others are to energise you and others are largely there to help alleviate muscle pain. But a treatment during a weekend spa break with a properly trained massage therapist also has the following benefits:

  • It doesn’t just help you feel less stressed, it actually helps to lower the             level of cortisol (the stress hormone) in one’s body.
  • It slows the heart rate, which in turn leads to a lowered blood pressure.
  • It enhances the production of the feel-good hormones (dopamine and              serotonin).
  • It brings about an overall sense of calm and relaxation.

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Types of massage

Whatever the reasons for you wanting a massage while on your weekend spa break, you can rest assured that there will be the right option for you. Here are five of the incredible (and sometimes unusual) massage treatments that are available:

Swedish massage – a popular massage that centres on stress and pain release and boosting the client’s energy.

Shiatsu – a Japanese method used to encourage energy to flow freely in the body. Considered a healing technique inspired by both a technique called ‘amma’ and acupuncture, you can now get a number of different types (Zen and water shiatsu being two examples).

Thai – as the name explains, this massage is a traditional thai form of massage that centres on restoring balance and energy to a body and rejuvenating the mind. Therapists often use elbows and even their feet for this type of massage.

Hot stone – this wonderfully relaxing massage includes the use of flat, smooth stones. Some are placed onto key tension areas, while others are used by the therapist to massage tired muscles.

Deep tissue massage – this massage type is specifically aimed at treating chronic aches and pains. In fact, sometimes it is even used to treat injuries. As the name suggests, it helps to soothe pains in the deeper layers of muscle and tissue.

Weekend spa break tips

Make sure your weekend spa break is the best possible experience by heeding some of the following tips:

  • Book your treatments ahead of time to avoid any disappointment. The             worst thing to do would be to plan an incredible weekend spa break only           to arrive at the destination to find that their spa is already fully booked.
  • Ask your therapist how the experience will unfold so that you know what         to expect. This will help you to relax into the experience.
  • If you feel any pain at any point of your massage you need to let the                 therapist know.
  • Massages, while hugely beneficial in some ways, can also have adverse             effects. People who are pregnant, take prescription medicine or who                 have any serious medical conditions should consult a medical                             practitioner before they book their treatments.

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